How to Not Hate Mondays by Eating the Creative Frog

Loathing Monday is so popular it’s almost a meme. Ever heard of these? “Monday sucks” “Mondays, amirite” “It’s Monday again” “I have the Monday blues” Don’t get me wrong: sometimes it DOES suck. Maybe you are working extra on the weekend. Maybe you had a series of bad sleep. Maybe the kids are tiring youContinue reading “How to Not Hate Mondays by Eating the Creative Frog”

How to Ask Better Questions in Podcast Interviews

A podcast is a form of entertainment, no matter what the topic is. It can be education, self-improvement, marketing, engineering, or design, it has to be entertaining to keep listeners engaged. If you are hosting an interview-style podcast with different guests every episode, getting great answers is the only way to hook your audience in.Continue reading “How to Ask Better Questions in Podcast Interviews”

Are you really building a community?

This tweet by Marco Marandiz has been in my mind for almost two weeks now. Answer honestly. Are you building an audience or building a community? — marco marandiz (@allthingsmarco) April 11, 2020 What a great question. I think modern startups hide behind the messaging of “building a community” in their marketing. Because why not?Continue reading “Are you really building a community?”

4 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Your First Startup Job

“I want to work at a startup because it’s cool” – me, circa 2016 It was the beginning of 2016. I was a sales executive for a steel trading company. It is exactly what you’d imagine: a typical 9 to 5 job with half-cubicles, formal business attires, and repetitive day-to-day tasks. My work life wasContinue reading “4 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Your First Startup Job”